Glasgow is a constantly changing city. From the traditional and the historic, it’s now made a name for itself as progressive and technologically advanced.

Everything is in place to boost your business. A state of the art, digitised telecommunications infrastructure that’s ahead of many European cities. A modernised transport infrastructure that makes connectivity easier and better. It’s here you can find the space and the talent to become the business you want to be.
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Glasgow is the UK’s 3rd Largest Financial Centre and home to some of the biggest names in global business and finance.


Cost of living expenses in Glasgow are 26% lower compared to London.


43% of Scotland’s population (2.3m) live within the greater Glasgow conurbation, Scotland’s only metropolitan area.


97% of the City is covered by superfast broadband.

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This is where it’s at. A brilliant, buzzing neighbourhood. Right in the heart of the city like no other. A location where life and work, productivity and play are beautifully balanced.